To Bruno Families:

This has been an unusual year for us to say the least, and we want to thank our coaches, players, and families for working hard to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As you are probably aware, the Governor of RI has announced new restrictions relating to youth sports as a way of further preventing community spread: 

Spectators are prohibited from attending any sporting event or practice, except in the case of athletes ages ten (10) or younger. One (1) parent or guardian of an athlete age ten (10) or younger may be present at a sporting event or practice. 

Due to this, we ask that parents and family members of players older than 10 do not attend, or remain in their cars during games and practices. This will be in effect until the Governor rescinds her directive. For player 10 and younger, just one person if necessary, and please keep your distance and wear a mask!

Below is a list of FAQs, provided by the State of Rhode Island.

We look forward to more normal times in 2021!

Thank you,

The Bruno Board


Frequently Asked Questions regarding (1) Restricting Spectators from Attending Sporting Events or Practices and (2) Temporary Closure of Indoor Sports Facilities in Preparation for the Winter Season

Executive Order 20-90 issued by Governor Raimondo on October 30, 2020: “Spectators are prohibited from attending any sporting event or practice, except in the case of athletes 10 or younger. Only one parent or guardian of an athlete age 10 or younger may be present at a sporting event or practice.”

What is the new policy on spectators?

Starting on October 30 and over the next two weeks, spectators are not allowed at outdoor or indoor sporting events, with one exception. One parent or guardian per athlete is allowed for any child who is 10 years old or younger.

Why no spectators?

COVID-19 cases in Rhode Island are going up, and we need to take additional measures to reduce spread. We are observing instances of parents at their children’s games and practices not wearing face coverings or masks and gathering too closely for extended periods of time, which is dangerous.

Are there any exceptions to the spectator policy?

Yes. For children age 10 and under, one parent or guardian may attend a sporting event or practice. These spectators must wear face coverings or masks and stay at least six feet apart from one another.

How does this affect media members covering sporting events?

This policy does not affect members of the media.

May I watch an outdoor sporting event from my car?

Yes. Parents or household groups may watch sporting events from their cars. That avoids the problem of socializing without face coverings or masks. It is not recommended that people from separate households watch a game or practice together in a car. If they do, however, they must wear masks and open windows.

Will this new no spectator policy extend all winter?

Uncertain. This order is in place now and for at least the next two weeks. The spectator policy will be revisited in the updated sports guidance issued in early November.