The Mike Noonan Scholarship Fund provides access, affordability, and opportunity for all players. Mike Noonan, now Head Coach of Men’s Soccer at Clemson University, founded Bruno United in 2002 while Head Men’s Coach at Brown University.

From the club’s inception, its mission has been to deliver an exceptional soccer experience for all players, regardless of socio-economic background. Mike Noonan summed it up in an interview in 2003 by saying, “I would like to be able to find a way so that no matter what, if you have the talent and the drive, there is a place for you in our club.”

We are very proud that the club remains true to this vision today and makes an enormous impact on the players, their families, and the wider community by providing need-based scholarships to its players.

In May 2019, Mike returned to Providence as guest of honor at the inaugural Mike Noonan Scholarship Gala. Mike is committed to returning each year to attend and participate in an event that brings together our coaches, families, and community partners.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the Mike Noonan Scholarship Fund.