2020-2021 Club Fees

The fees for Bruno United can be paid in monthly installments after a deposit of $500. Below is a listing of fees. There are no hidden or surprise costs—Bruno families will not be charged add-on fees for the services described below during the course of the year. All new players need to purchase their uniform and practice gear, which is in addition to the fees.

As a nonprofit club, Bruno works hard to keep fees as low as possible. Unfortunately, as premier soccer has grown in popularity, facility rental costs and tournament fees have grown rapidly as well.

Full-year fees:

Pre-NEP (fall, winter, spring) $900
U9-U10/2011-2012 (fall, winter, spring) $1,775
U11-U12/2009-2010 (fall, winter, spring) $1,975
U13-U14/2007-2008 (fall, winter, spring) $2,495
U15/2006 Full Year (fall, winter, spring) $2,495
U15-U19/2002-2006 (late fall, winter and spring) $2,295

The fees include:

  • Coaching and Goalkeeper Training
  • Team Training and Skills Training
  • Facility Rental (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • League and Referee Fees
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Club wide events
  • Insurance



Bruno United offers scholarship assistance to players with demonstrated need. Scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale. Applications are due at the time of registration and are reviewed in strictest confidence by the club’s board members and director of coaching. Bruno United FC cannot guarantee that it will review applications that are received late.

This scholarship program is paid for through sponsorships and volunteer fundraising efforts. Click HERE to download the one-page scholarship application.