The Bruno Store at DMK is available for purchasing uniforms and additional Bruno United gear.

DMK Sports is our vendor. All new players who have been invited to join a Bruno team need to purchase the game and practice kits directly from DMK. Players are required to have a full red game kit, a full yellow/black game kit, and a blue/black practice kit. The full cost for all three adidas kits is $124.50. If you are not sure about sizing, we encourage you to visit the store:

DMK Sports Soccer Shop
7 Commerce Street
Smithfield, RI 02828
(401) 232-3609

You can also purchase online at:

DMK Soccer Club Shop

Please do not enter the jersey number on the DMK site.  Your number requests can be entered when you register for Bruno. Bruno will assign all numbers based on your selections and number availability, and will provide them to DMK.